Backpacking trip – Day 1

Road in front of hotel Felix

Road in front of hotel Felix

Last time I came to this place was in 2006 when me and some of my friends drove down our new bikes for a weekend getaway. This time me and MK decided to start our backpacking trip from the same place, Pondicherry. We got off from the bus at around 5:30 on a bright Sunday morning on the outskirts of the town. Soon there were autos swarming all around us asking whether we were looking for a place to stay or are we planning to visit some places. Compared to Bangalore, the charges they were quoting was exorbitant. We decided to walk and checkout some other auto ahead. Soon, we found another auto guy who was a bit more reasoable and we asked him to find us a cheap lodge since we were just looking for a place to freshen up. He took us to a lodge called “Hotel Felix” which was ready to rent a room for 300 bucks.

Pondicherry town bus stand

Pondicherry town bus stand

MK sipping coffee at bus station

MK sipping coffe

After a quick freshening up we reached the main bus station which was a short walk away from the lodge. Before we started exploring the place, we wanted to first book our tickets to Rameswaram. before. After a long wait, the man at the counter told us that his computer network was not working and we will have to wait another hour before he could issue the tickets. We decided not to waste time and left the counter for a breakfast at a local hotel at the bus station. Since ticket booking was out of the question we took the local transport and reached Auroville in half an hour.

Local bus at pondicherry

Local bus @ Pondicherry

Me, travelling in Pondicherry

Me travelling in Pondicherry

Some of the main sight seeing places are located in and around Auroville. There were no local buses to take us around so we needed some local transport. We first tried negotiating with an autowala. As we had seen in the morning the autowala was asking for a fortune to take us around. We decided to hire a motorbike instead. But first we wanted to finish visiting the beach that was just a stone’s throw away. We had some nice time at the beach, watching kids play in the water, people surfing and a few dolphins swimming around!

Amphitheatre at Deepanam School

Amphitheatre at Deepanam School

Clay models by students

Clay models by students

We now needed a bike to travel around. Being a Sunday many of the shops had already rented out all their bikes. We found a guy who was left with a Hero Honda Splendour for rent. After some slick negotiation from MK we hired the bike for 250 bucks. We set out to visit Matri Mandir which is a meditation centre built in the shape of a sphere. While we were looking at seeing the inside the temple, we unfortunately couldn’t make it before the closing time. So we had a chance to only see the temple from outside. After spending some time enjoying the serenity and calmness of that place, we moved on. On our way back we visited a school that is being run by the ashram called “Deepanam school”. It was a sprawling campus with lots of greenery around, something that is very hard to find nowadays in Bangalore. They have a big amphitheatre with a rather interesting seating setup. Instead of the regular bench format, they have diamond shaped seating which improves visibility for everyone. Later we visited the carpentry and clay modelling centre which had some rather interesting clay models created by children put up for display. By now we were famished and decided to have our lunch at a local pizzeria. We finished the lunch in no time. It was around 2 in the noon now. We decided to wrap up and head back to the hotel. We returned the bike, took our deposit and headed back to the hotel. After having another round of bath (Pondicherry was damn hot that day) we packed our bags and headed to the bus station.

    • Devender
    • August 10th, 2009

    Upload some pics of JN Street, Beach road and French colony

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