Backpacking trip – Day 3 – Kutralam

Me @ Old Kutralam falls

Me at Old Kutralam falls

MK at Old Kutralam falls

MK at Old Kutralam falls

To reach our next destination, Kutralam, we had to travel for nearly half a day. So we got up early, got ready and boarded a bus to Madurai. It was a 4 hour long journey. At Madurai, we boarded another bus to Kutralam. From what we saw online, we found that Kutralam is pretty near to Madurai. But the buses that go to Kutralam travel a much longer route. So instead of 2 hours, we ended up travelling for nearly 6 hours. We reached Kutralam at around 4:00 PM and decided to first visit the old Kutralam falls since the transport options to that place were less. After a quick visit, we went the main attraction – The Five falls. We had a refreshing bath and to top it up, had some hot chill bajjis. A local vendor who wanted to sell us some dry fruits started talking to MK. He offered to sell something he called as “Neogara”, which according to him was the local Viagra. In his words “if you use this sir, yours will work like a bullet!”… we just couldn’t control our laughter. That guy was pretty serious in marketting his wares! After sharing some more lighter moments, we took a auto to Tenkasi. One of MK’s friends had suggested that we buy some Thirunalveli halwa at Tenkasi. It is a sweet delicacy that is made of ghee and jaggery. We were planning to have it as our dinner on our way to Trivandrum.

After buying the halwa we boarded a KSRTC (Kerala State… not Karnataka State!) bus to Trivandrum. The bus was a pretty old Ashok Leyland bus. All the way the bus was shaking crazily, more violently than a wet dog. Given the tiring day we had, we slept for almost the entire trip even with lots of its parts rattling!

  1. Enjoyed reading the series…waiting for more.

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